Healing Without Drugs or Surgery

Acupuncture is the subject of many clinical trials, studies and research efforts. Eastern medicine, a non-drug, non-surgery approach to healing, works well in the clinical setting but resists the efforts of the western-based inquiries into how exactly it works.

It can be simple to overlay the western and Eastern knowledge of the body, it’s systems and functions. Where we can we explain what the acupuncture and herbs are doing from both the Eastern as well as the western medical & healing perspective, we do.

For example, a patient who is suffering from fatigue learns that breathing and eating are the two ways to get energy. Kong Qi (air energy) and Gu Qi (food energy) mix in the Middle Jiao (abdomen/stomach) and are sent as a mist to the lungs, where they are dispersed throughout the entire body. This is the equivalent of the respiratory and circulatory system which, if not functioning properly, makes sense would cause fatigue.

But, explanations and even understanding are not a high priority with our patients. They want relief from their symptoms. And so while we may be able to describe, explain, justify, and prove, we are mainly concerned with getting healing results for each patient.

At Heavenly Bodies Clinic, we offer our patients bio-energetic medicine to heal, support, rejuvenate, re-awaken, strengthen, harmonize and sensitize their bodies in an effort to bring each person to their full potential for optimum health and a life lived joyfully every single day.

Our staff will post interesting updates, stories, information, recipes, and ideas in the various categories you see to the left. And we will follow the Cornejo family’s and Valentino’s journey through life with Cystic Fibrosis to offer the world an alternative to traditional treatments.

We hope you enjoy this blog and visit often.